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The Amazing Race Highlights
Getting Ready

On September 14th, join us for our 5th annual, casual, social, semi-competitive adventure race, in and around Eagle Ranch.

Teams can be as small as 2 and as big as 8, with any mix of genders, ages, personalities, families, friends, etc., and any mix of walkers, runners, folks on wheels of all types….as long as none are powered. Costumes are encouraged. The “best” wins an award!

Teams with any member under 13 must include an adult (18 or older).

Here’s one of our 4-peat team leaders on the fun and wellness experienced during the Race: Mentally and physically being able to complete this challenge with family and friends 3 months after giving birth helped me to feel part of the active community again. During covid uncertainty it gave us something to look forward to. We have a young team and the kids love being able to participate more. I like seeing all of the kids go from stroller to strider to pedal bike as our community gains experience with wellness. Allie Goldenkrantz (MicraEQ Racers)

Course/Route/Pit Stops/Challenges

Teams will leave from the start/finish line on Capitol St. at 2 minute intervals, starting at 1:30pm, alternating between clockwise and counter-clockwise around the course. The new course is 5 miles, almost entirely on paved bike paths, with 9 pit stops and 7 clues to solve. It should take between 1 and 2 hours to complete (by bike) – perfect for families with kids and those just out for fun. Every finisher is awarded a medal!

At the start each team will receive an envelope containing directions to the first Pit Stop. At each pitstop, once all team members have arrived, the volunteer will explain the challenge. Once the challenge has been completed, the volunteer will give a new card with directions to the next Pit Stop. In between the challenge pit stops there will be clue stations (unmanned), where a clue must be solved and the answer written on the back of your envelope. Each missed or incorrect answer will result in a 5-minute time penalty.

We expect all team members to finish together, but we will be reasonable in case of injuries or unexpected abdication along the way.

EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED! If you fail to complete a challenge in a reasonable time, the volunteer may stop the challenge and send you on your way, with the next directions card! This will avoid traffic jams!

For safety reasons we require all teams to stay on bike paths or sidewalks and off roads. Where a main road is crossed, the crossing guard’s instructions must be followed.



Every finisher will be awarded this fine medal!

Finishing positions will be entirely based on Time. Teams with young team members will start with bonus minutes; we don’t want you to be at a disadvantage! These minutes will be deducted from the team’s finish time (only one bonus will apply to each team):

  • Teams with a child under 5 will start with 10 bonus minutes
  • Teams with a child under 9 (not under 5) will start with 5 bonus minutes
  • Failure to solve a clue and record the answer on the envelope will incur a 2 minute time penalty.

The teams finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd will win a trophy.

There will also be a trophy for best team costume and The Cycle Effect Spirit Award will go to the team that brings the most “spirit” to the Amazing Race. We are looking for the team that exemplifies joy, enthusiasm and positivity.

The Cycle Effect‘s mission to empower young women through mountain biking can only be accomplished when our team brings joy, enthusiasm, and positivity to our work; so let’s see what YOU can bring to the Race!

Don’t miss the Awards Ceremony at 4:00pm and lots of fun entertainment during the entire day!

Last Year’s Race & Results

Grateful Thanks go to our Amazing Race Title Sponsors: Team K2: