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Family Fun at Mountain Rats Festival

Amazing Race Pitstop
Amazing Race Start
Happy Family

Families are foremost in our plans, so we will add more fun stuff to our schedule including, as in 2022, strider races (for 4-and-unders), short sprints (10-and-under) plus hands-on activities for kiddos.

Kids love big trucks. They also love sirens and horns and buttons to push. And police officers, firefighters, helo pilots, emergency medical technicians and those who operate big rigs and large machinery like backhoes and snowcats certainly love showing off their vehicles to wide-eyed youngsters. Watch this space!

Of course, our 4th annual Amazing Race is very much a family affair! Join us for a casual, social, semi-competitive, team treasure hunt, in and around Eagle Ranch. The course is 6 miles with 10 pit stops and a few hills (!), almost entirely on paved bike paths. It should take between 1 and 2 hours to complete (by bike) – perfect for families with kids and those just out for fun. Every finisher ‘wins’ a medal!